Non-Partisanship Policy

Divish Networks India Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “TheCrikcetShot” / “We” / “Us” / “Our”) would like to let you know that We have a firm policy to not accept donations, investments, or grants from a political group or any specific leader chosen to represent a political party. This is also stated in Our Ownership and Funding Disclosure policy and is further explained in this Non-Partisanship Policy.

  • As an online media platform, we aim to produce journalism of the greatest calibre. As a result, We have a very strong policy that prohibits us from accepting any grants, investments, or donations from political parties or any individual leaders who are affiliated with them.
  • All of our workers must adhere to a strict policy that prohibits them from belonging to any political party, think tank connected with a political organization, advocacy organization, or NGO associated with a political party.
  • Employees are prohibited from endorsing independent political candidates since doing so could call into doubt the reliability of the person or organization.
  • Employees are required to be nonpartisan when expressing their political opinions in public, and this is reflected in our social media policy, which applies to all members of TheCricketShot, not just the editorial team.
  • Depending on the severity of the breach, disciplinary measures, such as those in accordance with Our internal Employees’ Policies, are implemented.