Corrections Policy

Through this Corrections Policy, DIVISH NETWORKS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “TheCricketShot,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) would want to let you know about the corrective actions we take when we discover that some incorrect information has been posted on Our Website. We are completely aware of our responsibility to Our readers and are aware that it is Our duty to make the necessary corrections and to let you know as soon as possible about them.


TheCricketShot works hard to deliver reliable and comprehensive news stories to its viewers. We make an effort to respond quickly when inaccuracies in the information published on our platform need to be corrected.

Our aim is to immediately and clearly inform readers of what was incorrect by publishing a correction, clarification, or editor’s note on our social media accounts. Anyone need to be able to comprehend how and why an error was fixed.

Updating a Report

If an article has been updated, we always acknowledge it in the notes section. Every time we amend an article to include feedback or updates from a stakeholder, we must use a correction, explanation, or editor’s note to alert readers of the change.


We swiftly publish a correction outlining the reason for the change if we are materially correcting an article, photo caption, header, graphic, video, or other piece of content.


The text is rewritten and an explanation is added to the story when our journalism is completely correct but the language we used to express those facts is not as clear or precise as it should be. A clarification is also used to indicate when fresh information has changed how we initially described an incident or when we failed to obtain a comment or answer that has since been included in the narrative.

Editor’s Notes

An Editor’s Note and an explanation of the situation at hand may be necessary for a correction that raises serious ethical questions about the overall content of the article. An Editor’s Note can only be added to a story with the approval of a senior editor.

Other Corrections Policies

Our community engagement staff can state in the comments that an error has been fixed when one is discovered by a reader and sent to the comment stream. When we post inaccurate information on social networks, we update it there. If we are unable to change the inaccurate information, we retract it. We do not place blame on specific editors or reporters (e.g., “because of an editing fault” or “because of a reporting error”). Please email the editorial staff at if you think a story we’ve published is false.

Take-down Requests

Our editorial policy prohibits us from considering takedown requests. In the event that the subject disputes the accuracy of the report, we will look into it and, if required, publish a correction. When fairness requires an update or follow-up on our prior reporting, we comply, taking into account if additional editorial action is necessary, but we do not take down the piece as if it had never been written. We only consider takedown requests for publicly available personal data when the subject is actually in danger of being physically harmed as a result of the material’s presence.