Ethics Policy

Through this Corrections Policy, DIVISH NETWORKS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “TheCricketShot,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”) would want to let you know about the corrective actions we take when we discover that some false news has been posted on Our Website. We are completely aware of our responsibility to Our viewers and are aware that it is Our duty to make the necessary corrections and to let you know as soon as possible about them.

In managing company affairs, company associates will uphold the highest standards of ethics. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that each associate conducts business on behalf of the Company with integrity and complies with all applicable laws without taking into account their own financial gain or personal gain.

The Company’s policy regarding (1) gifts, favours, entertainment, and payments made or received by Company colleagues, (2) potential conflicts of interest, and (3) specific other issues is summarised as follows:


Gifts, Favors, and Payments by the Company: If all of the following conditions are met, the Company may make gifts, favours, and payments to third parties at its expense.

1. They follow conventional business procedures.
2. They are relatively limited in value and presented in a way that prevents them from being perceived as a bribe or kickback.
3. They don’t transgress the law or universally recognized moral principles; and
4. The Company won’t be embarrassed if the facts are revealed to the public.

Payments, commissions, or other benefits to or for the benefit of customers’ connections (or their relatives or associates) that are not stipulated in a written agreement are prohibited by company policy.

Gifts, favors, entertainment, and remuneration received by business partners:

1. For the benefit of themselves or others, Coworkers shall not request or accept gifts, favors, entertainment, payments, or personal loans (other than standard loans from financial institutions at market rates) from any individuals or businesses that do business with or attempt to do business with the Company. When implementing this policy:

1. Associates are allowed to accept common courtesy for themselves and members of their families that are typically connected with accepted business standards. They consist of, but are not restricted to:

  • If the vendor extends the invitation, customers may occasionally have lunch or dinner with vendors, along with their wives.
    gifts from vendors, such as calendars, pens, pads, knives, etc., that are of low value.
  • Tickets to programs (such as sports, the arts, etc.) are permitted if they are provided by the vendor and the vendor goes to the event with the associate. These must be approved by the relevant corporate executive and cannot be solicited by a company associate.
  • Overnight excursions are permissible as long as there are attendees from either other companies or the vendor.
  • The competent company officer must provide the colleague their advance clearance.
  • Hams, cookies, almonds, and other perishable gifts that are typically given during the holidays are permissible.

1. Regarding gifts, services, discounts, entertainment, or any other kind of consideration from suppliers, a high level is anticipated.

  • Golf, fishing, and hunting day trips are permitted with prior consent from the relevant corporate official. Attendance by the vendor is required; participation by the associate’s relatives is not permitted.
  • It is not permitted for colleagues or families to use the vendor’s facilities (vacation houses, etc.) for private purposes. If the seller stays for the duration of the visit, it is allowed as long as it only happens once a year and lasts for a short time, like a long weekend. The competent company officer must provide the colleague their advance clearance.
  • It is never acceptable to receive a gift of any value that is made in cash or cash equivalents like stocks or other marketable securities.

2. Gifts of more than minimal worth should not be accepted by management employees from people under their control.

Conflicts of Interest:

Any circumstance where their personal interests and those of the company are at odds should be avoided by Associates. Employees are expected to act in the company’s best interests when dealing with clients, vendors, contractors, rival businesses, or anyone else who does business with the organization. Each employee is required to promptly and completely disclose any potential conflict of interest to their boss in writing. These disputes consist of:

1. Ownership of a substantial stake in a third-party business that competes with or attempts to do business with the company by an associate or a member of their family.

2. Serving in a managerial or technical role with a third-party company that competes with or is looking to do business with the company or as a director, officer, partner, consultant, etc. The XYZ CEO may give his or her approval for exceptions to this rule.

3. Acting in transactions involving or potentially involving the Company or its interests as a broker, finder, go-between, or in any other way for the advantage of a third party.

4. Any other agreements or situations, such as familial or other personal ties, that would prevent the associate from working in the business’s best interests.

Confidential Information:

Without prior approval, it is forbidden to disclose or utilize any sensitive product information, decision-making data, plans, or other information that might be against the interests of the company. Misuse, unauthorized access, or improper handling of confidential information, particularly personal information about employees, is absolutely forbidden and will result in disciplinary action up to and including instant firing for the offender.


Any violation of this policy will result in administrative disciplinary action against the associate or instant dismissal. Any Company colleague who becomes aware of a policy infringement must immediately notify the relevant level of management. TheCricketShot’s vice presidents and company officers are each in charge of ensuring compliance within their purview. Contact the corporate vice president of human resources if you have any queries about this policy.