Fast Checking Policy

A) In all of its content, TheCricketShot is dedicated to trying its best to present factual information. To assure accuracy, we take several steps: We look at claims critically, query presumptions, and contest received wisdom.

B) We are dedicated to producing all output with the appropriate accuracy. The brand we maintain and the confidence viewers have in us depend on this dedication. When something is “due,” it means that the quality must be sufficient and acceptable for the outcome, taking into account the topic and nature of the content and that any limitations that might affect that expectation must be openly stated or highlighted.

C) This indicates that all of our content must be properly verified, based on available data, and supported by additional sources as relevant to its content and purpose. We make an effort to avoid speculative claims and to be upfront and transparent about what we don’t know.

D) Our writers never intentionally plagiarise or intentionally alter details or context, including visual input.

E) Claims, facts, and allegations are sought after for independent confirmation from sources, particularly when they are made by public figures or other people with motives other than merely reporting the facts. Claims, accusations, tangible facts, and other information that cannot be independently verified are typically ascribed.

F) TheCricketShot believes the data it shares is genuine and stands by it. If otherwise established, we rapidly update the news story or material. Our audiences are not intentionally or substantially misled by us. We don’t embellish the truth or offer made-up information as reality because doing so could erode the confidence of our audience in our work. We recognize significant factual mistakes and make prompt appropriate corrections.

G) We give the public a fair chance to report any errors or inconsistencies in our reporting using the comment box that appears at the conclusion of every web story that is posted.

H) The main duties of our writers are to report, compose, and fact-check stories. One or more editors may read through stories. For tales that call for thorough fact-checking, TheCricketShot has a multi-level framework. It depends on a variety of circumstances, such as sophistication, sensitivity, and the demands of time, as to how senior an editor is while reviewing a story before it is published.